Coke 24hr Music

On March 22nd, 2011, Hellicar&Lewis teamed up with Nexus Productions, Wieden+Kennedy, Frukt, Lexus PR, Coca-Cola and Maroon 5 to put on a live 24 hour music event.

As well as directing the visual identity of the event, and the narrative flow over the 24 hours, we used openFrameworks to create and deliver an interactive experience for the band in the studio that allowed them to interact with fans Tweets in real time. The event was simultaneously broadcast to the world via the web thanks to Streaming Tank and Akamai. Tomas Leach directed the camera team.

We worked with several members of the OpenFrameworks community to make the project happen:

Coca-Cola’s archive of the event is here.

An interview with Pete and Joel about the project:

A behind the scenes look the gestural projection mapping technology we used:

Our blog post about the project.

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