We regularly run workshops on a variety of subjects, but usually centred around Paper Prototyping or learning to be a Creative Coder.

Daniel Jarvis made a film about our Paper Prototyping workshop at UCA Epsom:

Paper Prototyping workshops centre around trying to work with technology, but thinking about the important things, about the flow of the interaction rather than getting bogged down in technical details or specifications. For example, you have a Smile Detector, what are you going to do with that? Results from workshops include a rollercoaster that speeds up when you smile more, or a TV that keeps replaying comedy scenes until you aren’t smiling any more.

Learning to be a Creative Coder workshops centre around the use of openFrameworks to create interactions that put people into the moment. The youngest person we have taught to code was 8 years old, and the oldest 78, so you are never too young (or old) to start.

We’ve run workshops at the following companies/institutions:

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